Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Too French?

Do you think canada is too french? Personally...i do! Im in favour of some bilingualism but in Canada it's getting too crazy. Now there's war over billingual signs and etc...Here in Ottawa, most of the fundings for schools go to the french school board and upgrades for that school while english public schools carry thousands of dollars worth of debt. It's Crazy and unfair!

I am writing this on Canada day and the federal government puts $6.2 million (approx.) towards canada day celebrations. Quebec gets $4.6 million (approx.) of that when they voted in favour to seperate from Canada? So they want to celebrate a country that they wanted to be seperated from? Is that right? I know that has nothing to do with bilingualism but i thought I'd bring that up.

I heard about a new medical centre that opened up in Embrun,Ont. A small town of about 5,000.
The clinic only accepts french-speaking patients and has rejected english speaking patients. I find that kinda racist, it's like the Black's And White's over languages. But in Ontario? WE SPEAK ENGLISH HERE!

If you happen to travel to Embrun, there is a huge bilingual war over there. As a matter of fact, if you travel to any community along the Ottawa River ( Rockland, Clarence-Creek, Cassleman...) you will find that there is alot of havoc there.

These days in Ontario if you want to get a good job you have to be bilingual. But if you travel to Ontario and walk into a Subway and order in french, you will get a reply in french. But when i recently went to Quebec and walked into a Subway and ordered in english, no response. So i ended up pointing to what I'd like to order. Which is unfair, why are we being so pressed to learn french when they aren't.

And to those people who are trying to make Canada all french, Screw off! If you dont like how it is in english provinces and territories the go back to Quebec and leave us alone!

Thanks to all of you for reading this, feel free to comment!